1977-1982: The first five years began with a seed planted by the original Adult and Teen Culture Group founded by Regina Ocwieja through its Cinderella-Prince Charming Balls. In January of 1977, Pani Misia – a Choreographer and Dance Instructor, with the support and assistance of Martha Kwiatt, then Director of PRCUA District 8, and Lillian Golba, then Director of the Teens, organized the Wesoly Lud Polish Folk Dance Ensemble of PRCUA. Practices were held at Five Holy Martyrs where His Excellency Bishop Alfred A. Abramowicz was Pastor and became Wesoly Lud's Godfather. The dancers boasted a diverse degree of dance experience and yet, within two months made their debut at the Annual Fashion Show at Polonia Banquets with a suite of dances from Lublin in new costumes.

Within the next five years, after countless fundraisers (including bake sales, zabawy, and raffles), the group added dance suites and costumes from Upper Silesia, Krakowiak, Lowicz and Kielce to its repertoire and wardrobe. Wesoly Lud attended its first Polish Folk Dance Festival held in Detroit, Michigan in 1978. Emily Skrzypiec became the Managing Director in 1979 – the same year that PRCUA and then Lady VP Lorie Rose Gorny delegated Wesoly Lud to perform at the Polish-American Heritage Day Celebration in Kosciuszko, Mississippi. The group participated in the festivities for Pope John Paul II at Chicago’s Grant Park. Television soon discovered the Group, and it performed on WGN-TV’s Bozo Show (Niki Bencik made her appearance as the Group’s Mascot).

After a successful fundraising campaign, Wesoly Lud participated in the 1980 International Festival of Polish Folk Dance Ensembles in Rzeszów, Poland, presenting, suites from Lublin and Upper Silesia, the Jitterbug and the song “Tam Gdzie Wisla” as its contribution to the Concert of Dances from the Country of Residence. The prize: a priceless souvenir, a Lowicz suite choreographed by Irene Kik and an Award for "Youth and Expression."

In 1981, Wesoly Lud traveled to Philadelphia to attend another Polish folk dance festival where, for the first time in the U.S., a suite from Kielce was presented. Wesoly Lud almost regularly appeared on the Bob Lewandowski Show - WCIU-TV.

In 1982, Wesoly Lud celebrated its Fifth Anniversary with a Dinner-Show at Polonia Banquets and co-hosted the Polish Folk Dance Festival in Chicago (the Seminar was held at Loyola University; the Gala Concert at Auditorium Theater) with the PRCUA Women's Department. In August, Wesoly Lud performed at the wedding of Wesoly Lud dancer Nancy Latuszek and John Golemo. 

1983-1987 marked advances in the dancers' talents and capabilities, earning them more intricate choreography, National Dances of Poland and additional regional suites: the Mazur from the Opera "Straszny Dwor," Oberek with Kujawiak, Rzeszow, Nowy Sacz, Wielkopolska, Warmia and Podlasie, as well as a Traditional Ritual known as "Wianki" (St. John's Eve) from Lowicz. Patricia Lochen became the Managing Director of the Group. In addition to performances in and around the Chicago area, the Ensemble was invited to perform in Montreal (1983), Baltimore (1984), Toledo and Milwaukee (1984, 1985), Toronto (1985), and Kansas City (1986), but the highlight of these years was a return to the Rzeszow Festival (1983) where Wesoly Lud performed its Warmia suite and St. John's Eve from Lowicz, as well as its first Chicago Polka. The weeks prior to the 1983 Rzeszow Festival, Wesoly Lud attended workshops and performed in Lublin.

In 1985, after the PRCUA Youth Gala, Pani Misia was inspired and formed "Wesoly Ludek" and organized the PRCUA Wouthwest Center of Polish Dancing. Lucek's task was to contribute to the legacy of Wesoly Lud as they grew older. Ludek was an immediate success, especially with the debut of the now familiar "Polka Jazzowa."

Because of the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986, Wesoły Lud and Ludek opted to cancel its participation in the Rzeszów Festival that year. In 1987, Wesoły Lud celebrated its 10th Anniversary at the Polish Highlander’s Home with a Dinner-Show and attended the Polish Folk Dance Festival in Boston, Massachusetts. Richard Jaminski joined Wesoły Lud as a dancer, but shortly thereafter he began choreographing duets and conducting warm-ups and technique exercises. 

1988-1991 were rather routine years at first for Wesoły Lud. The Group went to Festivals: Minneapolis (1988) and New York (1990) and new dance suites and Traditional Rituals were added such as from Eastern Kraków, Gaik, Dozynki, Karnawal and others were modified to be more challenging. The successful PRCUA Gala of Polish Traditions in 1989 absorbed much time and energy so Wesoły Lud passed on the 1989 Rzeszów Festival. It was during this time, that Wesoły Lud lost its spirit. The differences in age and dance experience had taken its toll on some of the dancers. All but five members left – Rick Wisniewski, Liz Sliwa (now Tomala), Rene Kraszewski (now Kaleta), Turtle (alias Tom Zuchara) and Gosia Belz (now Zawada) remained.

WESOŁY LUD: THE NEXT GENERATION In the Spring of 1991, the Lud Five took PreLUD “under their wings” and together with Pan Rich, Pani Misia and Pani Pat, Wesoły Lud: The Next Generation evolved. The seasoned dancers attended the Polish Folk Dance Festival in Detroit in the summer of 1991, where many of the participants were the age of our PreLUD. The group returned with a new perspective. Pan Rich’s ballet and rhythm techniques and innovative choreography together with the new found energy and determination in Wesoły Lud would be a sign of the times in the 90’s. By the end of 1991, the Next Generation learned a new Upper Silesian suite, a revised Podlasie suite and Krakówiak Kosynierów and proved itself at Eddie Blazonczyk’s Christmas Show. 1992 was quite a memorable year for Wesoły Lud as it celebrated its Fifteenth Anniversary by attending the Polish Folk Dance Festival in Montreal, Canada and later that year, with a Concert together with the Polonez Dancers of PNA at Lane Tech H.S. Wesoły Lud even made its national television debut performing on THE HOME SHOW (ABC-7).

In 1993, after a ten-year hiatus, Wesoły Lud attended the Rzeszów Festival in Poland. The weeklong festivities were preceded by a weeklong seminar in Nowy Sącz. In addition to performing dance suites from Rzeszów, Łowicz and Eastern Kraków, Pan Rich and Pani Misia choreographed a Chicago Polka to Polka Family’s “Hej Wesołe Ludzie.” Needless to say, Wesoły Lud imprinted itself in the minds and hearts of the Polish audiences. 

The highlights of 1994 were the wedding of Veteran Dancer, Rick Wisniewski wedding to Jane Chorazyczewski at which Wesoły Lud performed; the PFDAA Central Region Concert in Chicago; Milwaukee’s Polish Fest and the debut of Pan Rich’s energetic Nowy Sącz suite.; the Ocwieja’s 50th wedding anniversary. 

In the summer of 1995, Wesoły Lud again performed at PolishFest in Milwaukee, but this time met Jan Lewan of the Jan Lewan Orchestra. He was quite impressed with Wesoły Lud and invited the Group to perform with him at Donald Trump’s Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey. In the summer of that year, Wesoły Lud attended the Polish Folk Dance Festival in San Francisco/Oakland, California. It was in 1996 that the Next Generation celebrated its Fifth Anniversary with a Dinner-Show and where Lud II made its debut. In June, dancer Rene Kraszewski invited Wesoły Lud to participate in her wedding to Krzysztof “Ptyś” Kaleta.

And it was off to Poland for the Rzeszów Festival again. During the Seminar in Nowy Sacz, Wesoły Lud learned Góralski dances from Podhale and Orawa. Another more innovative Chicago Polka was in order, and Pan Rich choreographed the fantastic Country Western Polka. The dynamic performance of the dancers together with the intricacies of Pan Rich’s choreography earned Wesoły Lud the distinction of final position for the Gala Concert on which the Finale was based. High praise indeed! Pan Rich and Pani Misia received an Honorary Diploma for promoting Polish culture from Stowarzyszenie Wspólnota Polska.

Wesoły Lud’s 20th Anniversary in 1997 was celebrated with a 2-1/2 hour concert at Morton East High School in Cicero and included Lud I, Lud II, Alumni and Wesoły Ludek. Pan Rich’s choreographic masterpiece – the Podhale Góralski suite – and the Orawa suite made their debut. What an experience! The culmination of the anniversary celebration was the summer trip to Los Angeles to attend another Polish Folk Dance Festival.

In 1998, PRCUA invited Wesoły Lud to perform at its Convention in Philadelphia. Then came 1999 and the adventure of a lifetime – it began with a Performing Tour through Northern Poland and culminated with the most dynamic Rzeszów Festival ever for Wesoły Lud. Performances in Wolsztyn, Poznań, Gdańsk, Sopot, Lubartów, Rzeszów, Cieszanow, and Polańczyk will forever be etched in the memories of all the participants! Our Opoczno, Góralski and Rzeszów suites – performed in 12 couples – were wonderfully received. Once again, one of our suites was the basis for the Finale number. An encore performance of our Country Western Polka was requested in addition to a Jive number to the upbeat music of Brian Seltzer. Both numbers were performed at the conclusion of the Country of Residence Concert. Edzio Belz was chosen Mr. Festival, Niki Bencik was chosen Runner-up for Miss Festival and Mirek Karczmarz (attending the Choreographers Course in Rzeszów) was Runner-up Mr. Festival. Pani Misia, as President of PFDAA received an award for her role in promoting Polish Folk Culture in the United States. In September of 1999, Dancer Gosia Belz married Mariusz Zawada and Wesoły Lud was part of the festivities.

The New Millennium brought Wesoły Lud more performances and participation in the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America Folk Dance Festival in Milwaukee. Eddie Blazonczyk enjoyed our Chicago Polkas so much that he requested several different ones for his Christmas show – one with him singing live while we danced around him. It really was a “Polka Celebration.” 2001 was another successful year with many performances.

In 2002, Wesoły Lud celebrated its 25th Anniversary with not one but two concerts (the first sold- out within a week) at the Dorothy Menker Theater of Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Hills. What a joyous reunion of old friends coupled with the performance of many of the alumni children who now danced at the PRCUA Southwest Center of Polish Dancing. In the summer of 2002, Wesoły Lud attended its 6th Rzeszów Festival dancing throughout the region, including Staromiescie, at a Lech Family Wedding in Nowa Wies, and in Lezajsk where Pan Rich’s entire family greeted the dancers in the streets and applauded their performance. In 2002, Wesoły Lud began a new tradition of performing for events organized by Evelyn Cedzidlo from St. Mary’s CCW in Mokena. Since 2002, Wesoły Lud performs at the Fashion Shows, Polka Masses and Dinners and anywhere Evelyn needs the Polish accent. She wins the title of #1 Fan. 

The highlights of 2003 were the performance at Lincoln Center in New York City, NY at the PFDAA Polish Folk Dance Festival, “Wesoły Ludek’s” participation in the International Children’s Festival in Iwonicz Zdroj, Poland and the wedding of Dancer Ivona Jablonski to Eddie Gal in which Wesoły Lud participated. Among the many performances in 2004, Wesoły Lud introduced its Winter Dinner Dance to celebrate the milestones of its dancers, Wesoły Lud membership grew to 24 couples – 48 members thanks to the PRCUA Southwest Center of Polish Dancing. 

And then came 2005: another memorable year: A great Winter Dinner Dance with another demanding schedule of performances was surpassed by Wesoły Lud’s 7th participation in the Rzeszów Festival. Preceding the Festival, as the Acting President of PFDAA, Pan Rich organized a weeklong Performing Tour of Southern Poland. Together with Polonia from Regina, Canada, Wesoły Lud with its 17 couples and entourage of parents and grandparents performed in Nowy Targ, Poroniń, Nowy Sącz, Tarnów, Wadowice and Kolbuszowa. 

During the week of the Rzeszów Festival, Wesoły Lud performed in Gorna and Blazowa as well as in Rzeszów’s Rynek. Following Rzeszów 2005, Wesoły Lud was invited to perform in Wilno, Litwa (Vilnius, Lithuania). It was an exhilarating experience matched only by the experiences of the 1999 Festival. Later that year, Wesoły Lud performed at the 50th Anniversary Celebration of past School Director, Emily Skrzypiec and her husband, Roman.

2006 proved to be one of Wesoły Lud’s busiest! The year started off with our 3rd Annual Winter Dinner Dance, where the Ensemble showed off its talent and great number of dancers (24 couples!). In February, when the Honorable Lech Kaczyński, President of the Republic of Poland, visited Chicago, Wesoły Lud had the honor of performing its Opoczno suite for him and other dignitaries. This year was also a popular one for Wesoły Lud alumni to get married, as we performed at the weddings of Peter Konopacki to Selena Perkins on July 15th; Danielle Lech to Robert Kroplewski on August 19th; and Magdalena Tylka to Mark Panozza on October 21st. Wesoły Lud was also asked to perform at the PRCUA Convention in Buffalo, NY and at the Installation Banquet in Niles, IL, where we were proud to cheer on and perform for one of our very own Wesoły Lud Moms and SWCPD Managing Director, the new District 8 Director, Krystyna Lech! We were invited to dance at the Polish American Congress – Illinois Division Awards Ceremony which honored among others, PRCUA’s President Wallace M. Ozog. 

Despite the joyous year, it was not without sorrow, as Wesoły Lud’s “Fairy Godmother,” Mrs. Regina Ocwieja, passed away in July. Wesoły Lud attended the funeral, our men honoring her regality by dressing in Ulan costumes. Although extremely sad to have lost someone who gave so much of herself to PRCUA, it was wonderful to see her so well honored. 

In 2007 Wesoły Lud celebrated its 30th anniversary! The concert was held at Lincoln Way East High school. The stage was a phenomenal venue to exhibit the talents of our dancers and choreographers - especially since so many alumni returned to perform in the concert held on March 11th. The Afterglow at the VFW Hall in Mokena was memorable – Afterglow II even more so! 

In May of 2007, Wesoły Lud was invited to attend the Polish Folk Dance Festival in Toronto, Canada. Of course, the Company did its annual performance at Milwaukee’s PolishFest in mid-June participating in the PFDAA Gala as well. These festivals were all in preparation for the real festival of 2007… Chicago Fest! Wesoły Lud as the local affiliate of the Polish Folk Dance Association of the Americas, Inc. (PFDAA) hosted the Sixteenth North American Polish Folk Dance Festival from July 28 to August 4, 2007. It had been 25 years since Wesoły Lud hosted such an event. The festival included workshops with choreographers from Poland and PFDAA groups and guests. Wesoły Lud learned a new Eastern Kraków suite as well as the now infamous suite from Spisz. The festival ended with a huge concert at Arie Crown Theater in McCormick Place. At the Gala Concert, Wesoły Lud was awarded the first gold medal presented in the United States by “Stowarzyszenie Wspólnota Polska” and the presentation was made by none other than the Director of many Rzeszów Festivals and Vice President of the “Rzeszówski Oddział Stowarzyszenia Wspólnota Polska”, Mr. Mariusz Grudzien. Later that year, Wesoły Lud appeared on the WGN Morning News show and performed live!

Wesoły Lud started 2008 with its 5th annual Winter Dinner Dance. Other highlights of 2008 included one of our very own dancers, Renee Bober, winning the chance of a lifetime to sing the National Anthem before a White Sox game at U.S. Cellular field in honor of Polish American night! It was a thrilling experience. Wesoły Lud attended the “Rzeszów Festival” for the eighth time where it debuted the newly learned Spisz suite. During the Festival, Wesoły Lud performed in and was “wined and dined” in Sieniawa where the dancers were greeted and treated with every delicacy known throughout the region. After this grand reception, Wesoły Lud’s “Polish Fan Club” (Family and friends of Pan Richard) headed by Maria and Jan Jaminski hosted the dancers to a Polish campfire – this “ognisko” went way into the night. Following Rzeszów 2008, Wesoły Lud was invited to perform at the beautiful Grand Opera in Lviv, Ukraine. Wesoły Lud toured the beautiful old cathedral, the cemetery where many Polish soldiers and Maria Konopnicka rest in peace, the Old Town still reminiscent of post World War II – as if it was frozen in time. 

2009 commenced with Wesoły Lud’s 6th Winter Dinner Dance “Lud Vegas” as well as many performances. We performed on U.S. Cellular Field on Polish American Night with the White Sox! We also participated in and performed at the weddings of Virginia Gavaghan to Dariusz Stekala and Annette Skowyra to Matt Renn. We were also fortunate to have four of our dancers graduate from a four-year Course in Choreography and Ethnography in Rzeszów, Poland. These new Polish Choreographers were Renee Bober, Kalina Dziadkowiec, Natalie Grabowski, and Andrew Lech. 

The 7th annual Wesoły Lud Winter Dinner Dance began 2010 with “Hooray for HollyLUD” with five 10 year and 10 five year members receiving their accolades. Wesoły Lud was finally invited to perform at the Polish High School Studiowka! That same year, Wesoły Lud had another experience of a lifetime – the German Chinese Cultural Society in Berlin, Germany, invited Wesoły Lud “a Polish group from the USA” to represent Poland at the 2010 International Folk Sports Festival on the other side of the globe, Shanghai, China. Thanks to PRCUA VP Anna Sokolowski, while in Shanghai, the Ensemble performed at Poland’s Pavilion at EXPO 2010 and performed at the Polish Consulate. What a beautiful city and what beautiful people -- our hosts were exceptionally gracious and hospitable making our stay quite memorable. We toured the city by train, bus, gondola and foot. They were very perceptive especially when it came to the local cuisine – suffice it to say, they found us a Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonalds and we found Starbucks and a French Bakery. The 2010-2011 season boasted the largest number of members ever for Wesoły Lud – 72. 

The next year, 2011, started with our 8th Winter Dinner Dance “Under the Sea”. Many other annual events as St. Mary’s CCW Polka Mass and Milwaukee’s PolishFest and new invitations spiced up the performance agenda. During the summer of 2011, Wesoły Lud participated in the PFDAA Performing Tour together with the Dolina Dancers from the Twin Cities in Minnesota which included Budapest, Hungary; and Poland: Myślenice, an audience (together with performance) for Stanislaw Cardinal Dziwisz at his Kraków residence (thanks Mrs. Gavaghan), Tarnów and at the Rzeszów Festival for the NINTH TIME. 

During our stay in Rzeszów, we performed at Sokołów Małopolskich and Iwonicz Zdrój – the latter, a reunion of sorts, as many of our dancers attended their first festivals at the International Children’s Festivals hosted there. Wesoły Lud once again premiered new additions to its repertoire with the new Eastern Kraków suite as well as a new Chicago 1940’s polka. But the highlight came at the Finale of the Gala Concert – unbeknownst to everyone but a select few (and a very select group of people at that). The theme of this Gala was “Polskie Wesele” since a couple that met at the Rzeszów Festival actually married one week before this Festival. The Gala was centered around them, their ensemble and the wedding theme. The Artistic Staff thought it would be interesting if someone would be engaged by the end of the Gala – it was a good thing that Luke Gorczyca happened to mention his intention to PM earlier in the week and that PR was at that meeting of the Artistic Staff, because in front of six thousand guests and dancers, he popped the question to Kalina Dziadkowiec. Wesoły Lud made history (again) and Kalina and Luke have some engagement story to tell!!!! 

2012 was another banner year as Wesoły Lud celebrated its 35th Anniversary with a cast of over a hundred Wesoły Lud dancers – current and alumni (and their children) – coming together to celebrate the Company’s 35th Anniversary at Lincoln Way East High School Theater in Frankfort, IL. The President of the Republic of Poland bestowed upon the Company’s Artistic Directors and Choreographers, Richard and Micheline Jaminski, Silver Medals of Merit for perpetuating Polish Folk Culture for so many years and Anna Sokolowski, the Gold Medal of Merit for her efforts during her tenure as PRCUA VP.

2012 also brought participation in a Dance Seminar in Denver, CO and another China trip – this time to Beijing in addition to Shanghai for yet another group of Wesoły Lud members, but for some it was an encore experience. Most ventured up the Great Wall of China – Pan Richard twice to “find his guys”. Our guides were “Water” and “Kelvin” and we met up with our old friends “Mrs. Boss” and “Garcia”. The year also included many performances including the weddings of Alumni: Patricia Zupnik to Andrew Lech and Renee Bober to Mark Kroplewski and a new tradition of performing in Michigan City at the annual Parish Polka Mass and annual Polish Heritage Festival. 

2013 continued with the usual performances including the annual Winter Dinner Dance “Winter WonderLUD” and many new and exciting ones. The wedding of two Alumni – Kalina Dziadkowiec and Luke Gorczyca – was added to the Wesoły Lud list of performances. The Artistic Director of the Rzeszów Festivals and long-time friend of Pan Rich, Janusz Chojecki, paid a visit to Wesoły Lud choreographing a suite of dances and songs from Old Warsaw, enhancing the already rich repertoire that Wesoły Lud is known for. 

Sandwiched in between annual performances in 2014 including the WL Valentine Dinner Dance and weddings of Alumna Eva Kowalski to Tomek Ulewicz and Alumna Nicole Bober to Thomas Purazzo and after the weddings of Alumna Elizabeth Presz to Mark Wortel and Alumna Kasia Rogala to Bart Jacher was a trip to Salt Lake City, UT and “Euro 2017” – in other words: Prague, Czech Republic and the Dance Company’s tenth trip to the International Festival of Polish Folk Ensembles in Rzeszów, Poland. In Utah, at the invitation of the Polish Genealogical Society, Wesoły Lud was able to present its musical tribute to Polish heritage with songs and dances. 

Salt Lake City is the center of genealogy and ancestry enthusiasts! The performance was well received and the performers were treated to a tour of a beautiful city and seminars about ancestry.There is a “ritual” employed by the Wesoły Lud men to outdo the previous group’s t-shirt design. The 2014 group outdid themselves in designing a t-shirt to mimic Pan Rich and his “trademark” cutoffs that have since been disposed of. The picture speaks for itself. 

The group that traveled in 2014 to Prague was an adventure all its own. Within a few days, our entourage employed all means of transportation several times: from the hotel, we walked to the bus to take the underground train to the cable car to sightsee the city by boat. This, of course, after flying there. It was a very memorable experience – thankfully the weather cooperated. Our hosts set us up in a lovely hotel albeit far away from the City Centre where all the action took place. Prague is a historic city with many famous attractions (Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square with the Prague astronomical clock, etc.) which were never impacted by violence and destruction during WWII that Warsaw had experienced. In tribute, we debuted the new Suite from Old Warsaw. From Prague, we traveled by bus across Poland to Lubaczów in the Eastern Borderlands known as “Kresy” where we were hosted for several days. There were four performances and tours in and around town including the Town Square, Baśnia Dolna and Horzyniec Zdrój including the Orthodox Church complex in Radruż. Then it was on to RZESZÓW! 

The capital of Polish Folk Culture “Rzeszów” greeted Wesoły Lud for the big TEN! The itinerary is the same – performances throughout the region (this time we were sent to Sędziszów where we were in 1980), in the City Centre of Rzeszów and for the Main Concerts – Dances of the World and the Gala Concert!

We bid farewell to those off to college after Rzeszów and regrouped in time to perform at the PRCUA Convention in Toledo, OH in August where the founder and co-Artistic Director and Choreographer of Wesoły Lud, Pani Misia, was elected the National Vice President of PRCUA. Changes were definitely in store for Wesoły Lud and Pan Rich. Shortly thereafter, the dancers were asked to perform in Michigan City, at the PRCUA Inaugural Banquet and several others before the year ended. The performances do not stop when the dancers do and it was time for another generation to step up to the dance floor. Ready or not...it’s your turn! 

Wesoły Lud dancers, for the most part, come up the ranks from the Southwest Center of Polish Dancing and are well-prepared for the dance repertoire awaiting them. The learning process is lightning fast and it takes some time to adjust, but all catch up eventually. It was appropriate to title the 2015 Winter Dinner Dance “FIRE AND ICE” at Camelot Banquets. Hickory Hills, IL.

To encourage younger dancers to follow in their footsteps, Wesoły Lud always performs at the Southwest Center of Polish Dancing Christmas and Spring Recitals. 2015 marked SWCPD’s 30th Anniversary and the senior group celebrated alongside its future members, participating in the Anniversary Concert. The year continued many new and encore performances. Before you knew it, the year 2016 was upon us and the tradition of the Winter Dinner Dance which is in reality, an Awards Banquet, took on a “Roaring 20’s” theme. Dressed to the nines, dancers and their guests enjoyed a fun-filled evening that Alumna Jeanine Leonhard adorned with cute centerpieces and the parents, a sweet table that was the cat’s meow. 

The myriad of performances continued to the end of the year with two Alumnae weddings that of Joanna Gorczyca to Edward Bleka Jr. and Kamila Piłatowska to Dariusz Bunda. Wesoły Lud is fortunate to have performed at Polish Fest in Milwaukee since 1985 and only missed when there were Alumni weddings on the same weekend. We continue to perform at Evelyn’s Polka Mass, community Festivals, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, and PRCUA events, including the Fashion Show sponsored by the Adult Culture Group of PRCUA. It is only fitting that in 2017, the last performance before this 40th Anniversary Concert was at the 42nd Fashion Show. We have come full circle in 40 years and we hope that God gives us the strength, patience and determination to continue this art form for future generations. As long as there are dancers who care about Poland’s rich and beautiful folk culture, Wesoły Lud will continue to exist. 

Thank you Dancers – past, present and future! The future of Wesoły Lud and the organization that supports it – the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America – is in your hands.